DDR4 4GB 2666 RAM: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction to DDR4 RAM

Crucial DDR4 4GB 2666 is a crucial component for modern computers. It offers improved performance and energy efficiency compared to its predecessors. The 4GB 2666MHz variant provides a good balance of capacity and speed for many users.

Availability and Retailers


Crucial DDR4 4GB 2666 Computers stocks the Crucial Desktop RAM DDR4 4GB 2666 (CB4GU2666). They offer a range of computer accessories, including Logitech peripherals. Customers can subscribe to their newsletter for updates on sales and events.

Pragyaz International

Pragyaz International is an e-commerce platform specializing in computer components. They offer various RAM options from different brands. Users can sort products by price and create an account for easier shopping.

Ma Labs

Crucial DDR4 4GB 2666 Ma Labs is a leading distributor of PC components and accessories. They stock a wide range of products from various brands. Customers can browse by category or use the search function to find specific items.

Benefits of DDR4 4GB 2666 RAM

This RAM module offers several advantages:

  1. Improved performance over DDR3
  2. Lower power consumption
  3. Higher data transfer rates
  4. Compatibility with modern motherboards

Technical Specifications

  • Type: DDR4
  • Capacity: 4GB
  • Speed: 2666MHz
  • Form Factor: DIMM (for desktops)
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • CAS Latency: Varies by manufacturer
  • Pin Count: 288

These specifications ensure compatibility with a wide range of modern desktop computers. Always check your system’s requirements before purchasing RAM modules.