Hynix  DDR3L 4GB is a popular choice for computer memory upgrades. It offers reliability and affordability for various devices.

Types of Hynix RAM

Desktop RAM Hynix provides DIMM and UDIMM RAM for desktop computers. These modules are available in DDR3 and DDR4 variants.

Laptop RAM For laptops, Hynix offers SODIMM RAM. These compact modules fit perfectly in portable devices.

Server RAM Hynix produces DIMM RAM for servers. Options include RDIMM and LRDIMM for enhanced performance.

Device Compatibility

Hynix RAM is compatible with various devices. These include:

  • MacBooks
  • iMacs
  • HP/Compaq Elitebooks
  • Many other laptop and desktop models

Benefits of Hynix RAM

Performance Boost Upgrading with Hynix RAM can significantly improve your computer’s performance. It allows for smoother multitasking and faster application loading.

Reliability Hynix is known for producing reliable memory modules. Their products undergo rigorous testing for quality assurance.

Affordability Compared to some other brands, Hynix RAM offers good value for money. It provides performance at a competitive price point.

Where to Buy Hynix RAM

Several retailers offer Hynix RAM:

  • Amazon: Wide selection and competitive prices
  • eBay: New and used options available
  • OEMPCWorld: Specializes in computer memory
  • Newegg: Reputable electronics retailer

Choosing the Right Hynix RAM

Consider these factors when selecting Hynix RAM:

  • Your device’s compatibility
  • Required capacity
  • Desired performance improvement
  • Budget constraints


Hynix RAM is a solid choice for memory upgrades. It offers reliability, performance, and affordability for various devices.

Technical Specifications

  • Technologies: DDR3, DDR4
  • Capacities: Ranging from 2GB to 64GB per module
  • Speeds: Varies by type, up to 3200MHz for DDR4
  • Voltage: 1.2V for DDR4, 1.5V for DDR3
  • Form Factors: 288-pin for desktop DDR4, 260-pin for laptop DDR4