Transcend DDR5 16GB 4800 U-DIMM Desktop RAM

Product Overview

Transcend DDR5 16GB offers a high-performance 16GB DDR5 RAM module for desktops. It provides exceptional speed and efficiency for demanding applications and gaming. This module is designed to significantly boost your system’s overall performance.

Key Features Transcend DDR5 16GB

Advanced DDR5 Technology

The DDR5 technology ensures faster data transfer rates than previous generations. It leads to improved system responsiveness and efficiency in various tasks.

High-Speed Performance

Operating at 4800MHz, this memory module delivers excellent speed. It helps your computer handle resource-intensive tasks with ease and precision.

Generous Capacity

With 16GB of memory, this module significantly enhances your system’s capabilities. It allows for smoother multitasking and improved overall performance across applications.

Energy Efficiency

DDR5 technology offers improved power management. This leads to better energy efficiency and potentially lower operating temperatures during intensive use.

U-DIMM Form Factor

The U-DIMM (Unbuffered DIMM) form factor is designed for desktop computers. It ensures wide compatibility with various desktop systems and motherboards.


Enhanced System Performance

Adding this memory module can significantly boost your system’s performance. You’ll notice faster operation in various tasks and applications.

Improved Multitasking

With 16GB of RAM, your computer can handle multiple applications simultaneously. This leads to a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Faster Loading Times

Applications and files will load more quickly with this memory upgrade. You’ll spend less time waiting and more time being productive.

Ideal for Gamers

The high speed and low latency of this RAM make it perfect for gaming. It can help reduce lag and improve frame rates in demanding games.

Future-Proof Upgrade

DDR5 is the latest memory technology. Upgrading now prepares your system for future software demands and technological advancements.

Additional Information

Easy Installation

The installation process is typically straightforward for desktop RAM. Most users can complete the upgrade without professional assistance.

Value for Money

This memory module offers a significant performance boost at a competitive price. It’s a cost-effective way to enhance your desktop’s capabilities.

Lifetime Warranty

Transcend backs this RAM module with a lifetime warranty. This demonstrates confidence in the product’s quality and durability.


The Transcend 16GB JM DDR5 4800 U-DIMM Desktop RAM is a powerful upgrade. It offers exceptional performance, efficiency, and value for desktop systems. Its high data transfer rates and low latency make it ideal for demanding applications and gaming. The lifetime warranty provides peace of mind regarding quality and durability. Consider this high-performance RAM for a significant boost in your desktop’s speed and responsiveness.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 16GB
  • Type: DDR5 U-DIMM
  • Speed: 4800MHz
  • Form Factor: Desktop (U-DIMM)
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Compatibility: DDR5-compatible desktop systems
  • Features: High speed, low latency, energy-efficient
  • Voltage: Lower than DDR4 (specific voltage not provided)
  • CAS Latency: Not specified (typically lower than DDR4)