Transcend 32GB JM DDR5 4800Mhz U-DIMM Desktop RAM


The Transcend DDR5 32GB 4800Mhz U-DIMM Desktop RAM is a high-performance memory upgrade. It offers significant improvements for desktop computers in various applications.

Key Features

Cutting-Edge Technology This RAM module uses the latest DDR5 technology. It provides faster speeds and improved efficiency compared to previous generations.

High Capacity With 32GB of memory, this module offers ample space for demanding tasks. It can handle multiple applications and large datasets with ease.

Impressive Speed The 4800Mhz speed ensures quick data access and transfer. This results in faster system performance and reduced loading times.

Reliability Transcend is known for producing reliable components. This RAM module is built to last and maintain performance over time.

User Benefits

For Professionals This RAM upgrade can significantly boost productivity. It allows for faster rendering, smoother multitasking, and efficient handling of large files.

For Gamers Gamers will experience faster loading times and reduced lag. This contributes to a more immersive and responsive gaming experience.

For Power Users Power users can benefit from increased efficiency in resource-intensive tasks. This RAM handles demanding workflows with ease.

Where to Buy

The Transcend DDR5 32GB 4800Mhz U-DIMM Desktop RAM is available from various retailers. These include PTC Computer Cambodia,, UCC Bangladesh, and PC Kuwait.


This RAM module is an excellent choice for upgrading desktop computers. It offers high performance, reliability, and value for professionals, gamers, and power users.

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 32GB Type: DDR5 Speed: 4800Mhz Form Factor: U-DIMM (Desktop) CAS Latency: CL40 Voltage: 1.1V Compatibility: Desktop computers with DDR5 support